School Build Projects Says Lessons Learned On Choosing Suppliers

school summer 1The project to build the new Five Islands School has come to an official end this week.

The Full Council has voted to close the Project Board, which has been overseeing the work.

This followed an assurance by the builders Kier that they’ll fix the last two outstanding defects over the summer.

It marks the end of a long period of ‘snagging’ since children first moved into the £14 million building in September 2011.

While the design of the building, based around a traditional cloister and with modern open spaces, has won numerous awards, the quality of the building work has been criticised.

Just after opening, an outdoor amphitheatre collapsed and had to be rebuilt.

And in September last year, school governors described the building as “poor quality.” In their meeting minutes they detailed a number of safety-related issues that have since been fixed, including gas leaks and unsafe shelving.

The work was completed within budget although the board has recommended looking at how suppliers are engaged in the future.

Cllr Christine Savill, who chairs the Children and Young People Committee, said it was good to bring this to a conclusion and thanked Amy Hiron, who coordinated the project for the Council.

The deeds to the land the school sits on will now be transferred to the Diocese of Truro. Earlier this week while visiting Scilly, Bishop Tim Thornton said this would mark an important moment in the history of the school.

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