Five Gigs On Five Islands For Scilly’s Acclaimed Folk Band

The Rough Island Band

The Rough Island Band

The Rough Island Band start their biggest tour to date today.

The St Agnes-centred folk band will play gigs on all five islands over the weekend.

And band member James Sills says the shows will go on, even if the bad weather that’s predicted for Sunday hits.

James says the band has always played on St Agnes and St Mary’s but have gradually added venues each year, including their first gig on St Martin’s last year.

This will be the first year they’re playing on all five inhabited islands, perform two 45-minute sets on each.

The gig will feature all the tracks from their new album ‘On All Sides’ as well as favourites from their first two releases.

James says there’ll also be a surprise cover track played tonight, something he hopes will “make you dance.”

The band became an internet hit with their version of Paul Simon’s ‘Call Me Al’, performed live at Periglis, and James says they’ve never been able to find another cover that “feels right” until now.

In the last twelve months the group has gigged in London, Liverpool and in the Peak District.

The have another mainland tour planned for October, but James says some people have travelled especially to Scilly for this weekend’s performances.

Their latest album has been critically acclaimed with a highly complimentary review by folk legend Mike Harding. James says the praise from one of his heroes is really appreciated.

Plans for album number four are still under discussion and James says fellow band member Piers Lewin is always on the go with new ideas. They’re looking at a project that explores Scilly and the next release may not be a traditional album, but something different.

The tour starts at Bryher tonight, taking in St Agnes and St Martin’s tomorrow and Tresco and St Mary’s on Sunday.


Tour Details:

Fri 8th Aug – Fraggle Rock, BRYHER. 8:30pm.

Sat 9th Aug – Turk’s Head, ST AGNES. 12:30pm, Adam’s Fish & Chips, ST MARTINS, 7:30pm

Sun 10th Aug New Inn, TRESCO, 12:30pm, Old Town Inn, ST MARYS, 8:30pm.