Councillors Reduce Price To Shift Sally Port Property

sallyportCouncillors have agreed to reduce the sale price on the property used by the former Chief Executive.

6 Sally Port was put on the market last year for £400,000 with a clause that meant 25% of any profit made by a developer could be clawed back.

But after failing to find any buyers, this clause was removed.

Senior Manager for Strategic Development, Diana Mompoloki, told councillors at Tuesday Full Council meeting that they’d still not received any offers at that price.

It’s costing the Council money and they needed to move forward, she added.

Diana offered five options, including either the Council or a private developer using the site to build two affordable homes, refurbishing the existing property, selling at a lower price or part-exchanging the home.

She said the property is in a poor state with high levels of asbestos and damp.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough felt selling for a lower price of £350,000 would be the fastest option. Cllr Francis agreed, but he felt that a part exchange should be considered too. James felt the costs estimated to build two key-worker homes on the site were also high, at £200,000 each.

Cllr Fran Grottick thought the last meeting had agreed to give Housing Officer Ian Hamilton until the autumn to find a buyer at the higher price, although Diana said he was happy to go with the councillors’ recommendations.

They eventually voted to market at the reduced price and rejected the other options.

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