St Mary’s Theatre Club Set For St Martin’s Performance

Kevin Leeman and Gail Sibley in a scene from 'Pop In If You Are Passing'

Kevin Leeman and Gail Sibley in a scene from ‘Pop In If You Are Passing’

The winning script in this year’s One Act Play Festival will be performed on St Martin’s this month.

Jenny Byers, who organised the festival, says ‘Pop In If You Are Passing’ by Steve Sims is a perfect way to take Theatre Club performances to the off-islands without having to move large quantities of props and set.

His comedy captured the very British discomfort when a couple you’ve met on holiday take you up on the invitation to visit you back home – only it’s 35 years after the trip.

Last year, the club performed Gosforth’s Fete at the Turk’s Head on St Agnes.

Jenny says many performers are tied up with this summer’s production, so using the one-act play, which is performed with scripts, means the actors won’t have to learn additional lines.

And she says the newly renovated Seven Stones Inn will be a perfect performance space for the play.

Jenny feels it’s important for the Theatre Club to keep up links with all five inhabited islands, adding that many of the off-island children take part in the winter pantomime.

The performance takes place at the Seven Stones Inn at 7.30pm on 14th August, with a supper boat leaving St Mary’s at 6pm.

And in case you missed it, there’ll be another showing on St Mary’s on 26th August at 8pm. That will be in the Church Hall.