Proud Father Awaiting Arrival Of Transatlantic Rowing Son

atlantic rowersThe father of one of the transatlantic rowers says it is a relief that his son will end his record-breaking row within the next 24 hours.

Elliott Dale and Chris ‘Darby’ Walters set off from New York on Saturday 7th June and late tonight or tomorrow they’re expected to set a new record for an unaided USA to UK two man crossing.

A flotilla of boats including gigs from Scilly and sailors from their hometown and gig club of Lyme Regis will follow the men into the harbour.

Brian Dale says he’s immensely proud of Elliott. But he’s admitted that he’s not been able to read the blog updates posted by his son and his rowing partner Chris because, as a parent, he’s been so anxious.

Brian believes the challenge was a pub bet that the men couldn’t back down from and thinks Elliott was “off his trolley” for going ahead with the epic row.

But he says it’s fantastic they they’ve “stuck in there” to complete the row.

As a single-handed sailor, Brian says he understands that spirit of adventure and how difficult it will be for the men to come back to everyday life. And he jokes that his boy is now “grounded.”

Brian says the first thing he wants to do when the rowers step ashore is hug his son and then crack open the champagne.

You can check on their progress here.