Better Access For Porthmellon Store

scillonia building suppliesIslanders buying goods from Scillonia Building Supplies will be have easier access after planners gave its new owner permission to reinstate the old entrance.

Mark Wright says putting back the gate on Telegraph Road means bulky materials can be dropped off and stored away from the front entrance on the Porthmellon Industrial Estate.

It’ll also free up more space for customer parking and collections.

The old gate was blocked up in 1993 after the then owners planned to build a storage workshop. That didn’t go ahead.

A sloping ramp will be built to the new entrance using recycled hardcore already available on the site.

Senior Manager for Planning Craig Dryden said the new gate would make more efficient use of the property, wouldn’t affect safety on the road, which is straight at that point, or harm the appearance of the area and he recommended approval.

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