Chairman Calls For Consistency Over uPVC Windows

wesleyan chapel 2The Chairman of the Council has called for consistency in planning decisions related to uPVC windows.

Cllr Amanda Martin made the plea during a debate at the recent Planning Meeting, where the owner of 6 Buzza Street applied to replace wooden windows with those made from the plastic.

Senior Manager for Planning, Craig Dryden, said councillors were “fully aware” of his views on these types of windows but said on this building, it was “probably an improvement.”

Craig said there were already a lot of these windows and that street and he recommended approval.

But Cllr Martin said uPVC windows were a “thorny issue” and there needed to be some consistency.

“You can’t tell some people they can have plastic and others they can’t,” she said, adding that the Council “needed to get this sorted.”

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said he was well known for preferring uPVC and the plan wouldn’t damage “the architectural elegance of Buzza Street.

Other members agreed and approved the plan.

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