Researcher Identifying Interesting Trends Among Scilly’s Visitors

jennifer phillipsAn islander is undertaking a detailed survey of visitors’ impressions of Scilly.

By the end of summer, Jennifer Phillips will have spoken to around 600 tourists onboard inter-island tripper boats for her Plymouth University PhD course.

She’ll then compare the Scilly data with other islands, possibly the Channel Islands.

Jennifer says some interesting trends are emerging.

Tourists she’s spoken to don’t seem to find travel here too onerous and new visitors don’t complain about traffic. Instead, they’ve praised our litter-free streets and clean accommodation.

And locals’ concerns about occasional late night noise haven’t been raised at all.

Visitors have told Jennifer that they notice the sense of community here and how businesses like the Steamship Company and freight carriers work together to offer a seamless experience.

And she’s been surprised that most respondents, even those coming from more distant parts of the UK, feel that it’s quite easy to get here.

From Radio Scilly

Jennifer talks to Radio Scilly about her research…

Few people have learned about Scilly on the internet, but TV coverage is an important promotional tool, with a number of Dutch tourists discovering Scilly from recent programmes.

Jennifer is now keen to learn how the experiences of regular visitors have changed as their families have grown up.

She says newer visitors feel Scilly is very tranquil compared to the mainland, while regulars seem to notice things like the increase in traffic.

Jennifer is focussing on perceptions of Scilly and her survey has revealed that many visitors who haven’t extensively researched the destination, or seen TV programmes featuring the islands, are delighted by what they’ve discovered.

And she hasn’t found a single respondent who has been dissatisfied with what they’ve found.

Jennifer wants to hold longer 30 to 60 minute extended interviews with tourists as part of her research.

All participants need to have visited the islands previously and be visiting again in August, September or October, as this is when the interviews will be taking place.

You can contact Jennifer through her website.

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