Transatlantic Rowers Should Reach Scilly This Weekend

atlantic rowersTwo men rowing across the Atlantic should reach Scilly this weekend and if the Manhattan to St Mary’s rowers arrive on Friday, they’ll be record breakers.

But Chris Elliott and Dale Walters will need almost perfect conditions to cover the remaining 400 miles of the 3,246 mile crossing to beat Samuelson and Harbo’s time, set in 1896.

They currently have a headwind holding them back, which means it’s more likely that they’ll arrive in Scilly on Sunday.

Richard Yarlott is a trustee from the Children’s Hospice South West, the charity benefitting from the two Lyme Regis rowers’ fundraising.

Richard says he’s not going to leave Scilly until the men arrive here. And whether the Dorset men beat the time or not, some people feel their crossing represents a true unassisted crossing.

Samuelson and Harbo took on food and water from ships they met en route, whereas Elliot and Walters are carrying all their own supplies.

Richard says he still thinks breaking the record is achievable but even if they don’t make it, he says the crossing has been a “heroic effort” for the pair, who are in their fifties.

The men are in good physical shape, but Chris has experienced seasickness and Elliot cut his hand, which had become infected. Richard says they’ve also experienced some signs of exhaustion, like hallucinations.

The challenge, which could bring in over £250,000 for the three hospices, is the single biggest fundraiser they’ve ever organised.

Richard says the charity has never had a very high profile and they felt being associated with the record attempt would raise their profile in a way that ties in well with the maritime heritage of the area.

After the row, the men’s boat will be taken to the three hospices they have helped.

You can find out more about the challenge here.

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