St Helens Island To Feature In Children’s Studies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASchool children will get a chance to study at Scilly’s historic Christian site.

The annual pilgrimage to St Helens is taking place at 2pm on Sunday and this year, the Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton, will join the visitors.

The island is named after St Elidius, who lived there in the 8th century. He is thought to have converted the Viking King Olaf, to Christianity.

Canon Paul Miller says that when school starts again, all primary school pupils will spend a day on the uninhabited island studying syllabus items.

He says the site is significant because it’s believed to be the place where Christianity first arrived on the islands. Paul says many of the children won’t have visited before and they’ll get the opportunity to mix religious studies with some history, geography and botany.

But getting all of the children to the island presents a big challenge and Paul is hoping he can get all the arrangements in place by September.

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