Council Debates Local Homes Plan Again

the strand 3Seven years since councillors first approved plans to build two homes for locals at Well Cross Yard, planners have debated the application yet again.

Permission to build on the tiny plot, between The Strand and Lemon Hall, was originally granted in 2007 and reissued in 2013 following the announcement that government money had been found to fund the scheme.

But opposition from neighbouring properties has meant a series of changes being introduced.

A lengthy debate at the March Planning Meeting resulted in a number of conditions being attached to the work.

Cornwall Rural Housing Association, which is building the homes, has asked for several of those to be removed.

At their latest meeting last Thursday, planners attempted to reach a compromise by removing some conditions and amending others.

The sticking point has been the treatment of the granite party wall between the old gig shed and the garden of Lemon Hall, a Grade II listed building.

Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning, Craig Dryden, wanted the applicants to agree what they’ll do with the wall upfront, before they start any work, because it’s part of the Grade II listing.

But Cllr Richard McCarthy felt that wouldn’t be possible. He said it was in a poor state, and until the roof was removed, there was no way of knowing how the wall should be stabilised.

Cllr Mollie Peacock said Well Cross had been coming onto the agenda “for years.” She said this was an ideal opportunity to get two social homes built but “all we’re stuck on is a wall.”

After a lengthy debate councillors voted to go with Craig’s approach.

Cornwall Rural Housing will now have to decide whether the new conditions allow them to proceed with the scheme.