Porthcressa Flats Move A Step Closer To Getting A Makeover

Porthcressa Flats

Porthcressa Flats

Porthcressa Flats are a step closer to getting a makeover.

At last week’s Planning Committee meeting, councillors approved plans to refurbish the building, including replacing the current walkway at the front with a new timber and glass balustrade, new porches and adding cedar tiles.

The concrete structure also needs reinforcing and the exterior will be repainted.

Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning, Craig Dryden, said he felt the proposed changes would significantly enhance the appearance of the flats, but added that “would take some doing.”

The Council originally passed plans to tidy up the exterior of the flats in October 2011, but this was delayed in 2012 after only a single contractor tendered for the work.

A mainland builder was appointed in July 2013, but the work still didn’t go ahead.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said the current proposal was “more comprehensive” because the views of the residents had been taken into account this time in a more proactive way than previously.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said she wanted the work carried out as quickly as possible because the residents had “put up with a lot of delay.”

Cllr Marian Bennett said it wasn’t just the residents that had put up with a lot, “but also those looking at the building.”