Roadworks Update: Tuesday 29th July

lagan1Here is the St Mary’s Airport Improvement Project and St Mary’s Island Roads Update From Radio Scilly on July 29th 2014:

The MV River Trader will be arriving in St Mary’s this afternoon with a cargo of aggregates for the airport and road projects.

The Quay is extremely busy during the summer season and Lagan has been requested to start operations as soon as possible after the departure of the Scillonian at 4.30pm. They will commence bringing equipment through the town between this time and 5pm. The plant moving into position will be the wheeled excavator and tractors with empty trailers. Movement of loaded vehicles is expected to commence between 5.30pm and 6pm.

They understand that the quay is being made available to them on Tuesday night until about 6am on Wednesday morning, so they will work through the night. Every effort will be made to offload as much aggregate as quickly possible but despite this it is likely that they will need to continue offloading on a second night. Lagan anticipate that this will be Wednesday night but this needs to be confirmed with the Harbour Master. They will advise Radio Scilly when the final arrangements have been made.

The route will be the same as on previous occasions and starts at the Quay, via Hugh Street, Church Street, the Old School, Telegraph Road, Parting Carn Farm and to the site. The return journey will be the same with the empty trailers passing along the Strand rather than Church Street.

Additionally from Tuesday 29th July preparation work will commence on Garrison Lane prior to resurfacing. The works are expected to commence around noon. Lagan anticipate that the day’s work will stop at around 7 pm at the latest.The extent of the works will be from the end of Jerusalem Terrace by the Police Station to the Hugh Street junction at the Paper shop.

The preparation works comprise planing areas of the existing surface so that a full layer of asphalt can be laid with kerb lines and drainage channels maintained. Also manhole, telephone and stop valve covers will be raised so that they will be in line with the new surface. Please take extra care when driving, cycling and walking when the roadway is in the planed state as ironwork will protrude above the existing surface. Due to the number, not all can have individual warning signs.

On Thursday 31st July asphalting is scheduled to take place on this street.