Get Ready For Flying Bears In Parish Church Fundraiser

church summer with teddy

Dozens of teddies and cuddly toys will parachuted from St Mary’s Parish Church tower in an innovative fundraiser next month.

A visitor to the recent Flower Festival told organiser Sarah Hale about the concept. Sarah mentioned it in a church meeting and she says that the idea was “jumped on.”

Sarah says you won’t need to climb the tower yourself. For £1, your soft toys, with their homemade parachutes, will be raised up for the drop.

Then Dave Maybrey “will gently throw them off.”

Sarah says she’ll enter her own bear, if she can find him after moving home last year, and she’ll encourage her family to do the same.

And she says bears of all shapes and sizes can take part, as long as they have a big enough parachute.

Sarah says there’s lots of information on the internet about how to make one and people can be as imaginative as they want.

If the bear throwers miscalculate the trajectory, help will be on hand for the battered soft toys. Sarah says former nurse Jane Chiverton will be on hand “with plasters and Germoline.”

Sarah says she hopes islanders of all ages will enter – details of the event were sent to school before the holidays and all soft toys taking part will receive recognition. There are no prizes but each participant will get a certificate of ‘bear-avery.’

The cash raised will help finance repairs to Scilly’s churches including some for the restoration of Tresco Church. Sarah says the Parish Church on St Mary’s is in “bad need” of decoration too.

Money will also be raised for the Cornwall Historic Churches Trust.

The event takes place on Saturday 16th August at 2pm and there’ll be cream teas served in the church pavilion.

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