School Travel Group Rejects Additional Road Markings

school 2 2014Most islanders who visit the school or sports hall use sustainable transport. That’s the finding of the Carn Gwaval Travel Plan Working Group.

The panel, which includes input from police, school governors, staff and the wider community, has drawn up the school travel plan.

A blueprint for safe and green travel to school was a statutory requirement as part of the new school planning conditions.

Sue Hodgson says their Walk-to-School Week initiative in May brought excellent results, with one class in the primary base managing to get 75% of pupils walking or cycling to school. Sue says that was good considering there was rain that week, as well as the May Day celebrations.

190 Carn Gwaval campus users replied to the group’s recent survey. Some requested additional car parking spaces but they won’t be added because the school car park is deliberately small to discourage driving.

And with the high numbers of walkers and cyclists accessing the site, Sue says the emphasis will be on their safety, with better separation of walkers and cyclists from motor vehicles.

That includes putting some ‘discrete’ markings on the car park showing pedestrian only areas, landscaping and new ‘in’ and ‘out’ signs.

The group has turned down suggestions that road zig-zag markings should be painted on the road past the school. Their members have monitored traffic levels and they feel that the levels don’t really warrant this.

But Sue says islanders need to be reminded not to walk down the steep and narrow Carn Gwaval lane accessing the back of the school. It’s too dangerous for walkers, says Sue, because it’s very narrow if vehicles are also passing.

The group has recommended that the Council undertakes more improvements to the Moorwell path, especially past the incinerator and they hope to start Cyclewise road safety training in the autumn, as well as organise another ‘ride or stride’ to school week next year.

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