No Plans In Place For Out-Of-Hours Shelter Opening This Season

The Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa

The Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa

The Council hasn’t put any provision in place to keep the Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa open during the weekends.

The TIC was moved into the building last year, meaning the shelter has to be locked when the TIC isn’t manned.

Last year, volunteers helped keep the building open for use by visitors in the evenings and weekends.

But following a question from Cllr Gordon Bilsborough at Thursday’s Planning Meeting, Senior Manager for Infrastructure Craig Dryden admitted that they hadn’t actually put anything in place this year.

Gordon says with the season moving forward, there should be a plan to keep it open and he felt it shouldn’t just rely on using voluntary labour.

2 Responses to No Plans In Place For Out-Of-Hours Shelter Opening This Season

  1. Pensioner July 28, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Please note Senior Manager of Infrastructure – We are talking of the Schiller shelter ! ! The weather has helped greatly so far this year but think of the poor visitors and locals who use the shelter when the cooler and wetter days come. Last year we were told that the arrangements were temporary . Does that mean we get the shelter back when they have sourced more monies to build a nice new Tourist Office elsewhere ?

  2. Ian T. July 28, 2014 at 11:53 am

    Being cynical – as usual – this is a ‘shelter’ is it not? I wonder what the German visitors think about it being closed at any time let alone weekends.