More Cutbacks Needed As Council Fails To Meet Savings Target

town hall 4The Council has failed to boost its savings as much as had been hoped.

They wanted to put £200,000 into their reserves during 2013/14 but managed to achieve less than half of that, at £81,000.

Interim Financial Controller Sarah Chodkiewicz has told councillors that they’ll need to find more cost savings this year.

The annual Statement of Accounts show the authority’s General Purposes Committee, which looks after infrastructure such as waste and water, had one of the biggest overspends at £196,000. That included larger overtime payments for the Direct Labour Force and Fire Service, in order to keep services running.

There was also an unspecified, one-off capital payment of £78,000 associated with the Porthcressa Regeneration Project.

But many departments managed to make cuts, including Community Services, which underspent by £353,000.

So far, the majority of the savings have resulted from temporary measures, such as recruitment and project delays and deferring non-essential repairs.

Sarah said the austerity was likely to continue for the foreseeable future and more permanent cost cuts needed to be found.

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