Harbour Weekend Update

Here’s the Harbour update this weekend.
Scaffolding remains in place at the front of the Harbourside building. The scaffolding will now stay in place a week longer than anticipated. This will enable work that was due to be carried out later (by scaffold tower) to be completed sooner.

The cedar cladding on the front of the building is largely in place and looking good. The second style of panel cladding will be completed next week. The gable end has now been demolished as has the fire escape and work is underway to rebuild starting with the deck which is being poured today. A scaffold tower will be placed in this area when required but will not protrude any further than the original stone bollard.

The River Trader is currently in Granville, France, awaiting her next load for the Island. At this time we can expect discharge over two nights starting on either Wednesday or Thursday.

The Scillonian III is now on a 7 day a week schedule. Please note that the arrival time on Saturdays is now 13:30 and departure time 15:00.
The Gry Maritha will keep her usual 3 visits per week.

Off Island Quays
The temporary storage sheds are now on the quay.
Cruise Ships
The Marco Polo is in with 750 guests

Cable laying project
The BT cable has now landed at Porthcressa by the Resolute and the harbour vessel, Pegasus. The Resolute is now traveling towards Wolf Rock at a steady 0.1kt where they will splice the two cables together whilst divers will be working to bury the cable in Porthcressa over the coming days.
The tug which is anchored in St Mary’s Roads is simply a standby vessel for the Resolute and will be here until Tuesday.

The annual PASAB (Penzance sailing club) race is taking place this weekend. The harbour is expecting up to 30 yachts on top of the number already here. Rafting alongside the wall is popular with this club so expect to see little spare room over Saturday and Sunday nights.