St Agnes May Day Breaks With Tradition

St Agnes Mayday St Agnes has a May King this year instead of a May Queen. In a break from tradition, Zachary Hick took centre stage as the oldest pupil on the island, during the belated St Agnes May Day event yesterday.

Applause from around 70 spectators, sprawled over School Hill, greeted the eleven children at the primary school base as they danced beside around the maypole. topped by purple hydrangea in full bloom.

Highlight of the afternoon was the gripping performance of St George and the Dragon.

This year St George, played by Ezran Stewart, demolished the Silver Knight, Zachary Hick and the Turkish Knight, Isla Hicks.

The biggest cheer from visitors and locals alike was reserved for the doctor, Toby Hicks. For the traditional fee, he was prepared to revive both knights to fight again, which he did while offering an impersonation of John Cleese’s ‘Ministry of Silly Walks.’