Scilly’s New War Memorial To Be Dedicated Tomorrow

garden of remembrance 2012Islanders are being asked their views on which war memorial should be used in the future.

Scilly’s new memorial in The Park will be unveiled during a service on Saturday.

Royal British Legion Chairman Smudge Smith has spent the last year fundraising for the second memorial. He wanted one in a town centre location that would be easier to access than the existing Old Town site.

Smudge was advised that moving the current memorial would have been too complicated, requiring permissions and agreement from a number of authorities.

But he says some locals now want to keep using the old memorial and that’s created a “minor problem.”

His compromise is that the Old Town monument will still be used for Remembrance Sunday and the new one will be used on Armistice Day, held on the 11th November each year.

Smudge says they could alternate sites each year, in the same way that the Remembrance Day service moves between the Parish Church and the Methodist Chapel.

He’d like to hear islanders’ views on how they want to use the new memorial.

Robert Dorrien Smith, acting as Deputy Lord Lieutenant, will join Council Chairman Amanda Martin for the dedication. Smudge says there’ll be a blessing ceremony and the last post will be played followed by two minutes silence.

Dorothy Barker from St Agnes, who lost her brother in the war, will also lay a wreath.

Smudge is hoping for good weather on Saturday morning and is arranging for around 30 seats to be placed in The Park in case the hot spell continues.

The service starts at 11am.

2 Responses to Scilly’s New War Memorial To Be Dedicated Tomorrow

  1. colin July 26, 2014 at 8:28 am

    Speaking as an outsider, that all sounds common sense to me. Generally people don’t like change, but to retain the “old way”, could possibly deter some people from turning out, taking into account, age, infirmity and weather, Whereas the introduction of a memorial more central to the majority of people, is more likely to be welcomed, and has been said, anyone that chooses to retain their connection with the original memorial, can still do so. Now there is choice.

  2. Tony Smith July 25, 2014 at 11:26 am

    When Smudge planned the new War Memorial it was not to replace the old one.
    It was to enable the parade to become more central to the Community as it is in all other towns throughout the country, instead of tucked away at the back of a church yard, almost as if the community were embassed by it?
    As a lot of the people who attend the service are getting too old to March over to Old Town, it made sence to have a memorial in the Park.

    The idea was to March down from which ever church was holding the parade to the Park, and lay all of the wreaths. (As we currently do to Old Town).

    On the day after the service all of the wreaths could then be collected and taken down to Old Town to be placed at the old memorial, with the exception of the Legion Wreath, which would stay in the Park.

    After all that has been done to raise money for the new memorial, and the time spent on planning, building, and dedicating it, I would like to see it used for both Armistess and Rememberance Day, as it was planned.

    If some locals still want to wander over to Old Town, they can do so themselves.

    As the Platoon Commander for the Army Cadets (the only military presence on the Parades), I feel very strongly about this. We do not only lay a wreath, but for the last 43 years we have also planted crosses on all of the War Graves. We still intend to do this as a mark of respect, but we can lay the crosses on the Saturday preceding the Parade, when we will also practice our wreath laying.

    For several years my cadets have also carried not only our platoon standard on parade, but we have also carried the British Legion Standards. These can be very unwealdy especially on a windy day, and it makes the March over to Old Town very challenging for the smaller young cadets.

    Incidentally, Smudge has also maintained the wreaths at the old memorial now for several years, going over after every gale to locate and replace all of the wreaths. As they catch the wind and blow away. No one else who lays them bothers to check on them from one year to the next. So I would like to support Smudge, and use the new memorial.

    At this years parade my cadets will form up at the church and they will March down to the Park, and we will be laying our wreath at the new memorial. We will not be going over to the old town memorial. If others want to go over the hill that’s up to them.