Islands Need To ‘Sort Out’ Mental Health Care

hospital  nhs sign 2The Council’s Senior Manager for Community Services says the islands need to “sort out” issues over mental health because it’s such a high-risk area.

Aisling Hick was speaking at the Health and Wellbeing meeting on Wednesday, where members heard that the Council was partnering with an NHS Cornwall-led programme called BeMe.

It’s designed to provide training for front-line staff and improve access to health care for people suffering from mental health problems.

Aisling said islanders have struggled to use these mainland services in the past.

The Council could employ a new Psychological Wellbeing professional on the islands but Aisling says they need to understand local needs better before they can do that.

She’s hoping to start asking residents about the mental health problems they’ve experienced this autumn.

Carol Clarke from the islands Healthwatch group said many people prefer travelling to the mainland to access specialist services because of the anonymity it gives them.

But she says she’s been “going round in circles” trying to find out whether it’s covered by the travel warrant scheme. Carol said she needs to know who will fund the transport costs.

Aisling said as a country, we don’t respect mental health problems in the same way we that we do with physical health. She’s hoping to have an action plan in place next summer.