Chairman Asks About Security Of Council Documents

town hall flowersImportant paperwork kept in the Council’s safe can’t be found.

The Town Hall keeps records of property deeds, contracts and details of compromise agreements, where the Council has paid-off staff in settlements.

But gaps have been uncovered.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said some of the documents went missing “during some of the recent turbulent times.”

At Tuesday’s Policy and Resources Meeting Amanda wanted to know whether security had been tightened.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said he was “slightly alarmed” and asked if anything could be done to address the missing files.

Interim Financial Controller, Sarah Chodkiewicz explained that records of what is kept, and where, used to be logged in a book, but that has now been transferred to a spreadsheet, which can only be accessed by a limited number of staff.

We asked the Council what the missing files relate to and what they are doing to locate them. They refused to comment, saying they don’t make statements on matters of a confidential and commercial nature.

St Mary’s Police Sergeant Colin Taylor tells Radio Scilly that the Council has not contacted him about the missing files.

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