Streets Filled With Colour And Music In School’s Blue Wave Parade

blue wave parade 2014_2

Scilly’s streets were filled with seaside colours and the sound of samba beats yesterday as Five Islands School pupils and staff brought a sense of mardi gras to the islands with a procession from the school to The Strand.

Children and adults dressed as sea creatures or nautical characters showed circus skills including ribbon dancing and carried wicker models of a boat, giant seagull, a fish and other icons of the ocean.

The Blue Wave festival was designed to celebrate our maritime heritage and was the culmination of 8 months of planning.

Teacher Susanna Gates arranged the event from Tresco and was helped by Sarah Garratt, who oversaw secondary students’ input.

Professional artists, screen printers and sculptors have all stayed on the islands to develop the kids’ skills in their fields, in preparation for the parade.

Susanna says she was emotional when it started and delighted by how well the event came together.

She said she had no idea it would look as spectacular as it did and the brilliant sunshine “brought everything to life.”

“I was dancing the whole way,” she said.

It’s the first time both the primary and secondary sections of the school have come together to put on an event of this scale and Susanna says she’s pleased how it’s engaged all the school’s sites, staff and pupils.

School Head Teacher Linda Todd says was impressed by the festival and felt it was worth all the hard work put in by pupils and staff.

She says it’s unlikely that it will happen every year, just because of the amount of effort required to stage it, but it could be repeated every other year.

But Susanna says next time they do it, she’d like a different theme to add variety.

You can see more pictures of the event in our gallery here.