More Adventures For Scilly’s Unique Shrews In New Sequel By Children’s Author

scilly shrew bookThe adventures of a fictional family of animals in Scilly are featured in a new children’s book being published next week.

The illustrated hardback, ‘More Scilly Shrew Tales’ is the second by author Jeff Jenkins, and picks up the story of the islands’ unique little rodents, who live in Tresco’s Abbey Gardens.

Jeff said he hadn’t actually planned to write a sequel but found that more ideas just came to him.

He said he started writing and before he knew it, he’d written another book!

But Jeff insists there won’t be a third. “It’s all brought to a nice conclusion,” he says, adding quickly that it’s a “happy ending.”

Jeff says he had to think like a shrew to write the book and imagined watching the creatures going about their lives, without them being able to see him there.

His first book has had some good reviews on Amazon but Jeff says he hasn’t sold a large number of copies. “It’s been slow and steady,” he says.

He’s tried to find out if it’s being sold anywhere on Scilly and says he’d love to come over for a book signing in the future.

The book is published by Stockwell and should be available on Amazon soon.