Commissioner Impressed With Scilly’s Neighbourhood Policing

Tony Hogg

Tony Hogg

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall says he’s impressed with Scilly’s neighbourhood policing.

It’s Tony Hogg’s second official visit since he was elected as the Conservative candidate to the post in 2012.

Tony says he’s keen to work with the Chief Constable to maintain the numbers of officers in the force and that’s why they’re talking with Dorset Police about sharing some back-office functions.

He says talking to the residents during his two visits to Scilly, it’s clear that the local policing team is popular, effective, and well-suited to the local area.

The Commissioner doesn’t directly control staffing but Tony says islanders value Scilly’s Sergeant, PCs and the PCSO Shirley Graham, and if cutbacks were suggested he’d tell the Chief Constable that isn’t what locals want.

Tony is particularly supportive of PCSOs, which he feels represent “the bedrock” of neighbourhood policing and communication with the public.

Today Mr Hogg will address the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Committee as he says there’s common ground between health and policing, particularly with the impact that cheap alcohol has on communities and levels of anti social behaviour.