Islands’ Partnership Wants Members To Update Their Website Listing

visit isles of scilly website 2014The Islands’ Partnership is encouraging members to check that their website listing is up-to-date and contact them if they’re struggling to change the settings.

Radio Scilly has been contacted by a number of accommodation owners complaining that their entries on the ‘Visit Isles of Scilly’ website show them fully booked for years ahead.

Some feel they’ve lost bookings because of this.

But IP Co-ordinator, Amanda Pender says it just takes a “touch of a button” for accommodation owners to edit their availability calendar, or switch it on or off.

Amanda says online availability was the “single most requested item” in the recent Marketing Survey undertaken by the partnership.

She says “time and time again” visitors are telling us that they require this information to be at their fingertips.

Amanda says when the award-winning new website was launched in May, all calendars were set to ‘not available’ ready for editing by the business owner, and she says the vast majority have done that.

She says choosing that default setting meant that the onus was on the business to manage their information rather than relying on potential visitors do the hard work, which can be frustrating if they find that accommodation that looks available is actually full.

Amanda says businesses were asked to check, update and to modify the information on fourteen separate occasions, using a variety of methods including email, Facebook, Twitter, Radio Scilly and ScillyToday.

And she says the partnership gave plenty of support to learn how to use the new web system.

Amanda feels it’s regrettable that not all members have managed to use the system and wants them to be able to make the most of the opportunities available with the new site.

Anyone needing further support should contact the Islands’ Partnership office on 424036 or email

Amanda says that the new website has shown its worth in the 22% increase in traffic experienced in the 10 weeks since it has been operational and over 1,883 separate booking enquires.

The Visit Isles of Scilly website is the strongest marketing tool that we have at our disposal, she says, and over 80% of enquiries for holidays in Scilly stem from the website.

But Amanda stressed that, as with all tools, its real potential lies in how well it is used.