Choral Society Back For Summer Concerts

choral societyScilly’s Choral Society begin their summer concert programme tonight, with music ranging from traditional pieces through to pop tunes and songs from the musicals.

Organiser and Conductor Len Michell says people come back year-after-year for their performances so they have to constantly pull something new out of the bag.

They’ve added seven new works to their repertoire, including the late Eva Cassidy’s arrangement of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ Abba’s Mama Mia and a tune from Oliver.

It takes a lot of work and planning to pull together the programme, says Len, and the choir started practising their new songs in the New Year.

Len says he doesn’t choose easy pieces and choir members get a great deal of satisfaction when it finally comes together.

He also praised the group’s accompanist, Sue Murray, who travels over from St Martin’s.

But he says the number of members keeps falling, and the average age rising.

With just fifteen singers, ranging in age from their mid forties to their eighties, the range of songs they can perform is getting limited.

They’ve had to abandon four-part harmonies and merge the male tenor and bass voices into a single block.

The Choral Society will be performing every week through to mid September, which Len says is “quite a responsibility” on the remaining members. Every singer is now so important for the performance, he says.

Len is keen to hear from anyone coming to the concerts who feels they’d like to give it a go and you don’t need to read music.

Len says the choir get lots of compliments, which is “tremendously rewarding” especially from mainland singers because they appreciate just how much work has gone into the performance.

The Choral Society are performing at 8pm this evening in St Mary’s Church Hall.