School Adopts Innovative Way To Teach Bible Studies

Canon Paul Miller

Canon Paul Miller

An innovative way of teaching bible studies is being adopted at the Five Islands School.

Primary pupils aged between 5 and 11 years are going to be offered fortnightly performances, where islanders act out scenes, chapter by chapter.

The programme called ‘Open Book’ consists of 10-minute plays, which cover 105 stories over a 3-year period.

Canon Paul Miller says around a dozen people from the islands’ churches have signed up as actors, with Jackie Pritchard organising costumes from The Entertainers group.

Paul thinks it will be good for the children to see prominent members of the community involved, rather than the clergy, which should make it good fun for them.

Paul says the volunteers are making quite a commitment but not everyone will be required for every story. They’re being acted out every two weeks.

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