E-Cigarettes Banned In St Austell Brewery Pubs

ecigarette sign 1Electronic cigarette users will now have to join other smokers at the Atlantic Inn and Hotel on St Mary’s.

St Austell Brewery has decided to ban the devices in all 25 pubs they directly-manage across the Westcountry.

The Brewery’s Communications Manager, Jeremy Mitchell, says it’s due to the confusion and difficulties that can occur during busy periods for staff, who are asked to monitor the law on smoking.

They also feel the use of e-cigarettes can be disconcerting for some customers who may think people are smoking tobacco.

Jeremy says the decision is in line with most other pub companies and retailers, who have incorporated e-cigarettes into their existing tobacco policies.

In their tenanted pubs, the use of e-cigarettes is at the discretion of the tenant, but Jeremy says many are following a similar policy.

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