No Decision Yet On Long Term Airport Parking

airport building work 2014The Council’s Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning has said no decisions have been made yet about longer-term parking at the airport.

A number of residents have contacted Radio Scilly to ask about the new arrangements for parking once the terminal work is complete.

Craig Dryden said they’ll be reviewing parking options during the building works currently underway.

Craig says there’s a temporary car-parking ban in place because of the limited space available during the refurbishment.

And he says designs have been drawn up for a pedestrian priority area at the front of the terminal, with limited access for vehicles, to improve safety and customer experience.

Drivers will be able to use a short-term pick-up and drop-off facility.

In a public consultation on airport plans last May, a number of residents asked the Council not to reduce or discourage parking at the airport, with one person commenting that it avoids cars taking up valuable parking spaces in Hugh Town.