Cornwall’s Top Orchestra To Visit Scilly

tim bolton

Tim Boulton

Cornwall’s top orchestra is bringing classical music concerts to each of the inhabited islands.

The Penzance Youth String Orchestra is touring Scilly in August. The group of 22 young musicians, aged between 12 and 19 years, play at around 15 events each year. They’re currently holders of the Cornwall Gorsedd award for the Duchy’s Best Orchestra.

Conductor Tim Boulton forged a relationship with the Five Islands School when pupils from Scilly and Cornwall worked together as part of a 640-strong orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in November.

Tim says visitors will be welcome to the evening concerts but they’re really a “cultural offering” for islands’ residents.

He’s promising a programme of popular classics from composers such as Bach and Mozart, and well as some new music from Canadian composer Dompierre, who writes movie scores.

When the Cornish orchestra visits, the school will be on holiday, but Tim says he hopes that the islands’ young musicians will be able to meet with the visitors and get involved.

He says school Head of Music Debbie Wainwright is talking to pupils about arrangements.

Venues and dates haven’t been finalised yet but the orchestra will be here for a week and will play a concert on each off-island, finishing with a performance on St Mary’s on Saturday August 30th.

The events will be free, with donations on the door. But Tim says the cost of putting on the programme is high, and he’d welcome any offers of food and sustenance for the party of 26 who will be staying at the school boarding house.

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