Four-In-A-Row Win For St Mary’s In Cricket Hound Cup

Tresco cricket pitch

Tresco cricket pitch

It was a fourth win in four years for St Mary’s in the annual Hound Cup cricket match, held on Tresco on Sunday.

The 25 over match is an annual tradition between a mixed off-island XI and St Mary’s. It was started by the late John Goddard in 2005, in memory of the four cricketers who drowned on the Hound, returning to St Mary’s after a match in 1875.

It was a close game, but St Mary’s just came through off 19 overs in the end.

Member of the umpire team, Grant Tucker says it was good cricket with some of the best cricket he’s seen for a long time.

Off-island team captain Sam Hicks says they did their best, with some good bowling taking three early wickets, but the St Mary’s team was just better on the day.

Sam felt Al Moore, who was top scorer for the off-islands, deserved to be recognised for his effort.

And St Mary’s Captain Kane Goddard felt James Francis gave their best innings, with Mark Hicks coming through strongly in the bowling.