Supporters Planning Big Welcome For Transatlantic Rowers

atlantic rowersSupporters of two Atlantic rowers are hoping that the weather will help the pair with their record-breaking attempt.

Chris Walters and Elliott Dale hope to raise a revised figure of £250,000 for the Children’s Hospice South West.

But the timing is getting tight. The pair now needs to row around 1,000 nautical miles to complete the Manhattan to St Mary’s crossing by August 2nd. That means travelling over 60 miles a day to stay on track.

The Dorset-based gig rowers have been beset by challenging weather and sea conditions since leaving New York.

But whether they break the Victorian record or not, the men will be arguably the first pair to row across the Atlantic unaided – the Norwegians boarded passing vessels for food and comfort.

Now islanders are preparing to mark the rowers’ arrival on St Mary’s Quay, which at the earliest, will be the weekend after next.

Kathy Stedeford and Mac Mace are arranging a flotilla of vessels to accompany the men into harbour. Their reception for Richard Branson’s 1985 Virgin Challenger record-attempt was legendary.

They’ve stepped in because Scilly’s fundraiser for the Precious Lives Appeal, George Teideman, will be away on a pre-arranged trip.

George says there’ll be a special celebration when the men complete the challenge, which could include rowers from Lyme Regis gig club coming across to support them in.

And he joked that the men may have to slow down slightly to make sure they arrive during daylight hours.

Jessica Patel of the Children’s Hospice South West is currently liaising with regional media and they have been invited to send reporters to cover the rowers’ arrival.

She thinks that, when the finish line is closer, there’ll be nationwide interest too.

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