St Mary’s To Get New Signage

The Tourist Information Centre at Porthcressa

The Tourist Information Centre at Porthcressa

The Council is to put up new direction signs around St Mary’s.

In May’s Planning meeting, councillors repeated their request for more signs to point visitors towards the new TIC at Porthcressa.

At the time, Council Officer Diana Mompoloki said that current signage was “a bit all over the place.”

This new scheme will mean a further ten finger posts, similar to some used on Tresco, will be placed at key junctions including Maypole and at The Bank, at the foot of the hill leading to the Garrison.

They’ll cost around £10,000 in total.

Council economic consultants Ash Futures proposed more signage as part of public realm improvements in their recent report.

But as far back as 2008, consultants Red Kite recommended in a report to the AONB that signage was needed for “physical guidance and reassurance” and was thought particularly important for day-visitors who have a limited time here. They felt that “finding your way is not always easy.”

The Blue Sail tourism report contained a similar message and last year’s Islands’ Partnership Visitor Survey also highlighted that visitors wanted them.

Their Tourism Coordinator Amanda Pender says her group feel it is a ‘balancing act’ between meeting the need for information and the risk of adding clutter.

Council Economic Development Officer, Julian Pearce, tells Radio Scilly that the cast iron and cast aluminium signposts should be in place by October and that they’ll complement the completion of the road resurfacing project.