Spanish Journalists On Visit To Scilly

spanish journalists
A group of Spanish journalists has visited Scilly on a whistle-stop tour, in the hope that they’ll write articles promoting the islands.

The party of two newspaper writers and an online magazine publisher came to St Mary’s on Friday as part of a promotion arranged by Visit Britain and the Islands’ Partnership.

The group were then taken to Tresco for an overnight stay on Friday night.

Maria-Eugenia Benito works for the UK tourism body and is based in Madrid. She’s trying to encourage press articles that encourage Spaniards to go further than London.

Maria feels people from Spain will enjoy the pubs and the food here, which she says is very good.

Angels Mas of online travel site Espiritu Viajero says Scilly is “amazing” and she hadn’t stopped taking photos since she arrived on the islands.

Angles feels there’s a lot of potential for Spanish tourists in Scilly, particularly the uncrowded beaches and outdoor activities such as walking.

And she says the weather is unlikely to put them off. Angles says Spaniards are completely aware that they’re taking a risk on cooler weather, and many are keen to escape the high temperatures in their own country in August.

“Packing a cardigan is not such a bad thing,” she says.

The reporters all felt that the beauty of Scilly, the seafood and our heritage would appeal to their readers.