New Assessments Needed For People Moving Into Care

Park House

Park House

New laws designed to protect people moving into residential care could cost the Council around £15,000 a year to implement.

The new Deprivation of Liberty regulations mean anyone unable to make their own decisions about leaving their homes to go into long-term care, will need to have an independent assessment carried out each year.

It’s likely to affect people with learning disabilities or those suffering from Alzhiemer’s disease and mental health problems.

Head of Adult Social Care, Gareth Peters, told councillors at the Community Services Committee that the new procedure will apply to several people currently living at Park House.

As the local authority manage the care home, they’ll need to pay to bring in independent assessors. And some residents without family members will also need separate representatives.

Gareth said it’s a good piece of legislation, designed to protect vulnerable people, but it will cost the Council money. He’s talking to Cornwall’s Council about using their experts to provide the service.

The cost is likely to come from underspends in the existing Community Services budget.