Council Reshaping Needed As Staff Hired ‘Regardless Of Their Skills’

town hall flowersThe islands’ Council has responded to some of the allegations made by Unison over the authority’s handling of staff reorganisation and redundancy.

Town Hall spokesman Jon Mackenzie says the organisation needs to reshape as people have accepted jobs at the Council, “because there was a position, regardless of their skills and interest.”

The restructuring, “aims to address this mismatch of requirements and capability.”

Jon says the reshaping is based on the roles and functions that the Council needs to deliver. All statutory functions will be maintained but not necessarily in their present guise.

Some of those duties are currently carried out by part-time post and that’s why all job profiles have been reviewed, rather than people, with nearly all workers being told that their jobs are at risk.

The union, Unison, disagree with this process. They say that only staff in jobs that will definitely be scrapped should have been put at risk of redundancy and notifying all staff has caused unnecessary stress.

Jon says councillors have had an input into the process and there’s been staff consultation throughout.

We asked the press office and Chairman Amanda Martin whether the Council would accept Unison’s request to meet with them and review this controversial procedure.

We also asked whether the Council would halt the process and adopt the alternative redundancy procedures that Unison say are “established” and used by other public bodies undergoing change, like Cornwall Council and the NHS.

Unison claim that staff could mount legal challenges and Radio Scilly asked whether contingency had been put in place to cover that.

Councillor Martin and the press office didn’t answer those questions. Mr Mackenzie says it would be inappropriate to respond to comments or allegations made by any individual or organisation through the media.

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