Harbour News Update From St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark

Wave wall:
The first 10m section of the wall has been poured. The shuttering will be removed this evening. Over the next couple of days, the shuttering will be built up on the next 10m section and when ready, concrete poured.

Quay Surface:
Another section of deck was completed this week. This takes almost up to the granite wave wall adjacent to the first floodlight. There is one more main section of deck to pour and preparation work for this will take place with a view to pouring concrete potentially on Monday

Scaffolding remains in place at the front of the building. The off-island boating board and harbour information boards have been moved to the rails opposite the harbour office and new information boards have been mounted on the scaffolding informing visitors/users of the works currently being undertaken and how it will look when finished.

Trench Works:
The road plates across the work yard have remained in place throughout the week to allow sufficient time for the concrete to cure. It is hoped that they will be removed over this weekend.

Harbourside Building:
Work is progressing well with the building and this week has seen the start of positioning of the batons for the new cladding along with wiring installations and the continuation of installing the new windows.
Early on Monday morning work will commence on demolishing the old fire escape stairwell and concrete pillar situated at the South side of the building. This work means we must close of vehicular and pedestrian access to the rear of the building. Freight vehicles, taxis and tenants must drive along the front of the building to gain access to the rear working yard throughout the period of time required for these works. You are reminded that during the period 09:45-10:15 we would appreciate if no vehicles used the quay. Please ensure the 5mph speed limit is maintained and that you pay particular attention to pedestrians and also the scaffolding when driving along the front of the building. It is hoped that these works will be completed by approximately 13:00

Airport Project:
The River Trader departed St. Mary’s at 03:00 this morning and is on her way to Poole to pick up a cargo of bitumen. It is expected that she will load this then depart for Granville where she will load more stone then return to St. Mary’s towards the end of next week expected (Thursday)

Scillonian III / Gry Maritha:
The Scillonian III is now on a 7 day a week schedule. Please note that the arrival time on Saturdays is now 13:30 and departure time 15:00.
The Gry Maritha will keep her usual 3 visits per week. Please do not bring vehicles onto the quay if they are not being loaded immediately – there is no parking space available for vans to wait to be loaded!

Off Island Quays:
The temporary storage sheds are now on the quay. The off island pick-up/drop off is open 24/7 and people are requested to use this rather than clutter up the waiting room.

Cruise Ships:
On Saturday we will welcome the Minerva which will have passengers visiting St. Mary’s throughout the day (ETD 21:00). Next week (Wednesday 16th) will see the arrival of the biggest cruise vessel of the year – Prinsendam (38,848t). Please note that the Scillonian III will leave the berth at 13:30 and will not return until 15:40 to enable the quay to operate during the spring low tides that day

Cable laying project:
Next week will see the start of works to install the submarine cable that will bring superfast broadband to the Islands. On Monday the 14th we expect Falmouth divers vessel Viking to be working from Pendrethen to Tresco laying the first cable. Please see Local Notice to Mariners 22/14 for further information. The following week will see the arrival of the main submarine cable on board the vessel CS Resolute – further information will follow about this.

Trinity House:
TH vessel Mair will be alongside this evening and will be in the Islands for the next few days working on the Woolpack Beacon in St. Mary’s Sound.

Relatively quiet week with yachts but there are still a number in and around the Islands. We hope to welcome a fleet of 14 yachts from Torpoint possibly next weekend (weather permitting).