Council U-Turn Will Benefit Older Residents

sports hall 1The Council has made another U-turn and this time, older people using the leisure facilities should benefit from the policy change.

Back in February, Cllr Gordon Bilsborough complained about the increased charges at the sports hall and swimming pool, some rising by as much as 33%.

Gordon said it would deter senior members of the community taking part in healthy activities.

But at the time, former Director of Community Services, Penny Penn-Howard, said her department was under pressure to make every session pay for itself.

Some classes for older residents had fewer participants, meaning they cost more to run, she said.

But at last week’s Community Services meeting, new senior manager Aisling Hick signalled a reversal of that policy.

She said there were signs that some under-subscribed courses were not going ahead and she’d look at ways to subsidise these, possibly using money from the Public Health budget.

Aisling said, “if it’s “going to do someone’s health the world of good, then maybe we have to go the extra mile.”

Not having courses running was “cutting off our nose to spite our face,” she added.