St Agnes Scene Takes Pride Of Place In Albania

David Smith (right) with his painting of St Agnes by Vernon Jones (left)

David Smith (right) with his painting of St Agnes by Vernon Jones (left)

A British man living in Eastern Europe has demonstrated his passion for Scilly by commissioning a Macedonian artist to capture his favourite view.

David Smith fell in love with the islands after his first trip in 1970.

He’s now based in Albania after recent spells in Bulgaria and Slovenia and still occasionally visits the islands, but not as often as he’d like because of the complicated travel involved.

Whilst working in Macedonia in 2013, David met Welsh-born painter, Vernon Jones and commissioned a painting from him of the view from St Agnes, looking out to the Bishop.

“That was what I saw every morning when I woke up.” says David. “It’s the most beautiful view in the World.”

David felt Vernon was the one artist who could “genuinely capture the realism and power of the sea” around the islands and he feels that the artist has done a fantastic job.

Vernon came over during the spring to see the view for himself and took over a thousand photos that he worked from. David says he was lucky to capture the islands during two sunny days, which allowed the artist to capture just the right light.

The large 2.6m by x 1.2m painting was finished three months ago and he then faced the logistical problem of getting it from Macedonia to Albania.

David say’s he’s delighted with the finished work and it makes him feel as though he can “almost dive off the rocks into the waves.”

His problem for the future, he says, will be which of his sons should inherit the painting.