Council To Employ Manager To Introduce Care Reforms

town hall 4The Council will employ a new lead officer to manage the introduction of government legislation on social care.

The Care Act is an attempt to move more people, particularly the elderly, out of the health system and towards social care.

Every local authority, whatever their size, has received a one-off government grant of £125,000 to implement the changes.

Senior Manager for Community Services, Aisling Hick, told councillors last week that she’d like to spend this on employing a lead officer to carry out the work because she doesn’t have enough staff.

She says there are a number of areas the Council needs to work on.

Every carer will now be entitled to a care assessment, pointing them to the range of services available. With 300 people on the islands identified as carers, that represents a significant amount of resource, says Aisling.

The Authority will also need to update its IT systems. Aisling says their current social care database is “cumbersome and old-fashioned” and doesn’t encourage people to enter data.

They’ll now have to track exactly how much care someone has received so new financial limits won’t be breached. No one will be asked to contribute more than £72,000 to their care under the new legislation.

Aisling says the government is trying to keep people out of residential care for as long as possible, because that’s when the costs start to mount up.

She says Scilly is in a good position to do that, although the services aren’t currently available in the community to older people to be cared for in their own homes.