Steamship Company Offer More Perishable Freight Options

Neil Lockett, Freight Manager of the IOS Steamship Company say that, following recent feedback and concerns about the introduction of restricted carriage of freight on the Scillonian, they have reviewed the operations and from Monday 7th July we will accept perishable goods Monday to Saturday. (Afternoon deliveries to off islands on Saturday cannot be guaranteed and you may need to arrange onward delivery).

Chilled produce can be carried but suppliers will need to keep in contact with them to ensure space is available.

Please use this service as a daily top up rather than for large stock orders, they say. Unless urgent, dry goods should be booked on the Gry Maritha.

Whilst the company understand the requirement for daily fresh deliveries, they will monitor the quantities being shipped and reserve the option to transfer to the Gry Maritha if excessive quantities are delivered.

They say that they will work with suppliers to ensure a smooth receipt of goods in Penzance and quantities they expect to deliver.