Scilly’s MP To Hold Public Meeting

Andrew George, MP

Andrew George, MP

Scilly’s MP will face questions from islanders in a public session next Friday.

Andrew George says the meeting will be moderated by St Mary’s man Tim Guthrie.

He expects locals will want to discuss some of the issues that have filled his mailbag or email inbox recently.

Hot topics include transport, freight services, access to medical treatment, the Duchy and new regulations on water says Andrew.

Mr George arranged the session because he thinks face-to-face discussions are important.

He says that might be seen as old fashioned in the internet age but he looks forward to meeting people in the flesh rather than dealing with ‘trolls’ on social media.

And he feels that if he didn’t hold events like this, some people would suggest that he’s “running scared.”

The meeting starts at 7pm on 11th July at the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

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