Rail Travellers Set To Benefit From Sleeper Train Upgrades

sleeper trainIslanders and visitors traveling to and from Scilly are set to benefit from a multi-million pound package of rail improvements.

The Prime Minister has this morning announced a £147m package of investments on rail services to the South West, many of which will enhance the sleeper train from Paddington to Penzance and will aim to boost tourism.

The interiors of the Night Riviera sleeper trains will be completely overhauled and train maintenance will be switched from London to the Long Rock train maintenance site in Penzance, which will be expanded.

Chairman of the Islands Partnership Chris Gregory says the announcement is great news.

Chris believes that the sleeper service has long been a favourite for both residents and visitors to Scilly.

He says the commitment to the service is of great importance to the islands, as we continue to improve our connectivity with the transport network on the mainland.

Chris adds that the proposed improvements to the sleepers look “fantastic” and that the service should provide a stylish and comfortable start for the journey to Scilly.

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