Park House Kitchen To Close As Part Of Restructuring

Park House

Park House

The Council has commenced the third phase of their staff restructuring.

The kitchen at Park House will be closed and prepared meals will be brought in by a contractor. And residents’ laundry and linen will be cleaned by an outside firm.

Staff have been told that closing the Park House kitchen and outsourcing laundry will allow for a better use of space at the residential home. It is likely that the new arrangement will start in September

The changes were announced to affected staff yesterday by new Council Chief Executive Theo Leisjer, who outlined proposed changes to the Community Services structure.

The authority has to trim staff numbers and re-evaluate services in order to tackle its finances.

The plan, devised by senior managers, will see the replacement of the existing roles with 29 new posts, covering a diverse range of functions from the library, Children Services and Healthy Living through to Park House carers.

Senior Manager for Services to the Community, Aisling Hick, will oversee this department.

Most staff have been warned that their current jobs are at risk and the Council has now entered a consultation period with staff. They may choose to apply for the new roles.

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