MP Chooses Theme For Private Members’ Bill

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP Andrew George says he will introduce a Private Members’ Bill seeking to increase the number of affordable homes.

Andrew recently won a ballot in the House of Commons, which gives him the opportunity to bring new legislation before MPs.

As well as the affordable homes proposal, he shortlisted two others – introduction of a Cornish Assembly and a plan to improve health care standards – and asked constituents to help him choose.

Andrew says he received over 2,000 responses and affordable homes won “by a short margin.”

The lack of suitable housing for local families is the most pressing problem across West Cornwall and Scilly, says Andrew

He wants to create a new, lower rung on the housing ladder by extending the government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme or creating a bank to provide shared-ownership loans.

And he wants to give local Council’s the opportunity to impose planning restrictions on second homes in their area.

Scilly has one of the highest rates of second home ownership in the country.

Andrew says coming top in the Private Members’ Bill ballot is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to create new legislation that will benefit not just Cornwall and Scilly but the whole country.

He’s started negotiating with government and shadow Ministers to see if he has the support necessary to get the Bill through Parliament.

But he warns that it won’t be easy.