Wildlife Guide Continues Scillonian III Trips

Wildlife guide Paul Semmens

Wildlife guide Paul Semmens

Visitors travelling to Scilly on the Scillonian III will continue to be offered help spotting rare sea and bird life.

Wildlife Trust funding for the popular, weekly on-board guide ended last year. That prompted visitors to voice their disappointment on social media.

But for the last few weeks, the Steamship Company has arranged for wildlife guide Paul Semmens to accompany passengers to and from Scilly each Wednesday. And his trips will continue into the autumn.

Paul says he never gets bored making the crossing, even though he does it around 40 times each year.

And the sightings of wildlife help make the journey a special part of the holiday for many visitors.

He says everyone loves to see dolphins, particularly if there’s a large pod. In November last year, an unusually late sailing season for the Scillonian, Paul says they were seeing at least a hundred dolphins on each trip and on one journey there were over 400.

Paul says he’d love to get a picture of a killer whale from the deck. He spotted one a few years ago but didn’t have his camera handy.

Conditions look good for the trip and wildlife watching over the next few weeks, says Paul, with very settled weather over the UK.

He’s keeping an eye out for leatherback turtles, encouraged in by large numbers of barrel jellyfish. There have been several sightings of the Cornish coast recently, which Paul says is unusually early in the season – normally they arrive later in the summer.

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