Islanders To Make Fact-Finding Trip To Alderney

grazing cattle peninnisA delegation of 14 farmers, AONB and Wildlife Trust staff is travelling to Alderney next week.

The Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative has identified the Channel Island as similar in size and profile to Scilly. It has 2,500 residents.

This study trip follows on from the group’s recent Cornwall fact-finding visit to learn about their best practice.

Kylie Carter has helped organise the trip. She says that Alderney faces similar challenges to Scilly and the group hopes to learn from the Channel islanders.

She says their farms are similar, although with less flower growing, and she’s interested to find out how they deal with freight.

The group will also be meeting Alderney farmers and Wildlife Trust staff at a local fish and chip restaurant.

Jess Vian is the project manager for the Farmers’ Initiative. She says Scilly’s farmers are keen to see how Alderney has addressed meat production.

They’ve just built a small, inexpensive abattoir on one of the islands’ farms, although Jess admits legislation is different in the Channel Islands. But she hopes this can inspire Scilly’s meat producers.

Jess says Alderney is facing many similar issues to us and there could be potential for an ongoing relationship.

She says they’ve “bent over backwards” to help the group visit, including finding accommodation with local families.

The Scilly delegation will also travel to Guernsey to visit a cut flower business and to find out how they deal with freight and the distance to market.

After the trip, they’ll report their findings back to island farmers who couldn’t spare the time to attend.

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