Chair Of Governors Talks Of ‘Unfinished Business’ Over Academy Status

school summer 1The Five Islands School Board of Governors will be reviewing a possible switch to academy status this autumn.

Chair of Governors Ben Julian told members of yesterday’s Children and Young People Committee that assessing the school’s status was “unfinished business” and they needed to decide whether they wanted to be an academy.

A switch to academy status was one of the recommendations made last year by the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, following an investigation into governance issues at the school.

Cllr Fran Grottick reminded members that the Minister said he “expected” the school to partner with a mainland education provider as part of a multi-academy trust.

And she quoted from a letter sent by the Department of Education in April, saying that they were continuing to monitor the progress of the Council and school.

Ben acknowledged the recommendations, but said the Governors would do what was in the best interests of the children.

That might be an academy, he said, or it could be something else.

Legally, the decision lies with the Governors and not the local authority, but Chair of Council Amanda Martin said she was keen for more information on the pros and cons of a switch.

We need a proper understanding of academy status, she said.

Cllr David Pearson felt Mr Gove’s recommendations could get lost in the upcoming election.

We might have a new Secretary of State next year, he said, and politicians’ attention is likely to be elsewhere.

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