St Mary’s Harbour Weekend Update


This update from St Mary’s Harbourmaster, Dale Clark

Scaffolding remains in place and will remain in its current form until early/mid-August. The off-island boating board and harbour information boards have been moved to the rails opposite the harbour office.

Asbestos removal has been complete.

Wave wall demolition continues with excellent progress to date. It is hoped that the last section of wall will be demolished in the next few days allowing the team to concentrate on pouring the deck and wall sections with concrete. A large amount of work remains to dig out the surface and the guys are working hard to progress this work. The next pour of concreting is planned for Monday

As per last week – service trench works will not continue this week and road plates will remain in place. Please take care when walking/driving over the plates and highlight any concerns of their positioning to harbour staff.

Throughout the week work will continue on stripping out the harbourside building.

River Trader is due to arrive on Sunday morning – 08:30 pilot station. There is potential that she may look to discharge on Sunday throughout the day. This has yet to be agreed and a meeting will take place tomorrow morning. I will email again to let you know the details of the discharge. I anticipate that she wil return to France and be back in Scilly before the next update email.

We are expecting the Arromanches with more freight for Lagans either on Saturday or Sunday. This will be offloaded on Rechabite slip

The Scillonian III will continue her normal schedule as will the Gry Maritha. Collection of goods from the Gry Maritha will happen as normal however please do not bring vehicles onto the quay if they are not being loaded immediately – there is no parking space available for vans to wait to be loaded!

The temporary storage sheds are now on the quay. The off island pick-up/drop off is open 24/7 and people are requested to use this rather than clutter up the waiting room.

There are no further cruise ships due until 7th July when Club Med II arrives.

Throughout this week the visiting yacht numbers have been increasing to such an extent the yacht grid has been full . This of course means that the facilities on the quay (showers, toilets, water bollards etc) are in constant use by the increased numbers of people. As we continue to operate the harbour in as normal a way as possible I appreciate that things can become frustrating if there are restrictions in place but please bear with us – the end results of the works will be worth it! If there is any concern or safety issue then please do not hesitate to inform any member of the harbour team.